Janine Bailey Artist

Endless Possibilities


Endless Possibilities plastic and copper, dimensions approx 200cm x 500cm

Janine Bailey, Endless Possibilities, (2016)
plastic and copper, dimensions approx 200cm x 500cm

Endless Possibilities (2016) is a sculpture carefully woven together from three separate GPS traces. The work is a hanging bundle of contours and geometry that plays with the edge. Plastic and copper were chosen to represent materials have invaded and enabled our lives. Information and electrical currents move through copper wiring while the plastic protects and give access to data and power. I wanted to highlight the symbiosis of these materials by pairing the copper with the plastic and play with the possibilities and boundaries that these materials represent. The sculpture examines the physical and digital spaces that humans have transcended by adapting to new technologies.

The transparent plastic appears ghost like and organic, a pessimistic warning of the symbiosis that exists between humans and technology. Laid flat the sinuous traces appear topographical, encapsulating the stories of the landscape. Once assembled into a sculptural form the object has a dynamic and resounding presence. It is deliberately abstract and rhizomic and speaks about the narratives of human entanglement with technology. Tethered to the ground by concrete the copper wire reaches out to make a connection. Often hidden, the wire is brought to light as it supports the bulging weight of the sculpture. The line of communication feels open and accessible, bounded only by its fixed position.