Virtual Ceramics – Reinventing the wheel

Performance and documentation

Virtual Ceramics – Reinventing the wheel

Ceramics is one of the oldest artisan techniques for making utilitarian objects. It take many years of practice to master the skill of ceramics, but by simply using the Let’s create pottery iPhone App endless amount of vessels can be created and used in the virtual world. Through documentation and performance Virtual Ceramist – Reinventing the wheel aims to challenge traditional methods of creating and using ceramics. Applying a minimalist approach to materials, process and learning the artist aims to acquire sufficient skills that can be transformed into the physical world.

By creatively manipulating the screen of an iPhone the work is as much a comment on current trends in education where hands on teaching is being replaced by the internet and the absurdity that the virtual world can replace the physical.

The following parameters have been established for the project.

  1. The artist acknowledges that she has never been shown how to make ceramics using a pottery wheel.
  2. The artist has not conducted any verbal, electronic or hardcopy research into the process of making ceramics.
  3. The artist has only used the Lets make pottery app on her iPhone.
  4. For WHS reasons the artist will be inducted into the ceramics studio at SCA before the performance.
  5. Photographs of Virtual Ceramics can be posted online using social media or send to selected individuals via electronic mail.
  6. www, will be used to document the artwork.


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